Skirtingboards - Reasons why you need them and the impeccable varieties

These are a must-have household features that have played a very significant role in many homes when it comes to things such as decorations and making home look stunning. There is a wide variety of these baseboards out there in the market, impeccable ones, which can make it so hard to choose one. In this blog, we will look into some of the popular and widely-used types, the reason why you need them and things you should consider when choosing them. This will help you make a better choice the next time you go to shop for them.

Reasons why you need them

These reasons include:

1. Hiding gaps between the wall and the floor to prevent serious damage and to save on maintenance costs.

2. Safeguarding the wall behind them. They help to protect lower parts of the wall from scuff marks and scrapes caused by moving furniture and well as by people.

3. Their unique design makes them a perfect decoration masterpiece, owing to the abundant styles and board designs that can be adopted to suit each and every home.

4. They have found a more modern use in hiding unappealing wires from being exposed in homes.

The Types that are available

Skirtingboards come in several varieties, which offer a wide range for all clients to choose from.

They include:

· MDF and radiate pine- one of the most affordable ones in the market and are very easy to varnish producing an elegant effect.

· PVC- it is gaining worldwide fame due to its affordable cost and its flexibility. Moreover, it suits perfectly modern homes which are now, more than ever, being established.

· Traditional 'colonial' baseboards- commonly used for traditional homes, with a honeyed tone that brings elegancy in these homes.

· Modern varieties which are more simplistic and classy.

· Tasmanian Oak and Western red cedar- perhaps the most expensive varieties, but because they need to be custom-built.

Things to Consider When Choosing

When picking skirtingboards, these are some important things to consider:

· Apartment size and shape

· Existing house decoration

· Cost

· Durability of material

· Ease of installation